February 11 horoscope for taurus


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It is about time that you cultivated healthy eating habits.

Taurus Daily Horoscope

Today, you will be prone to doing everything in excess. You may overeat or get swept away by emotions. You must keep a check on your emotions, or it may lead to unwanted complications. Eat vegetables or salad for a healthy lifestyle, suggests Ganesha.

Some people have the world at their feet. And today, you are one of them, says Ganesha.

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With your gorgeous appearance and gregarious attitude, it is easy for you to open all doors with just a touch. So, you have the luxury to choose — either you entertain yourself through multiple avenues such as movies, theatre and music, or you be the entertainer with your superior performing skills. But irrespective of what you decide to do, you shall excel in both, confirms Ganesha. A shadow grows large in your mind today. An unknown fear will haunt your day, warns Ganesha. But be ready to take a hike.


Taurus weekly horoscope – February 11 12222

You are most likely to end up spending on your foreign associates. Be careful of those expenses, says Ganesha. Nothing comes for free — keep this in mind as you may have to pay your dues for the success you desire today, especially if it is a new project that you have undertaken. Be prepared to invest a considerable amount of time and effort in your endeavours. Spare money can be used to purchase new assets that may pay dividends in the future. Either that, or put it in a bank.

Hey there!

In short, Ganesha advises prudence in money matters. Yet another mundane day in your life, as nothing exciting is on the cards.

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However, be cheerful and keep trying hard to bring in some spice in life. You never know when the planets change their mood and make an exciting future. The Universe is helping you create space for the things that will nurture you and help you blossom. Or shall we say divinely connected? So open that third eye and let the downloads come through—in whatever format they choose to.

Raising the collective consciousness is a part of your sacred purpose. What if we said you can have anything you want? Yes, anything! Get ready to see the results of what you have been manifesting—especially on the work front. For some, it could be something tangible like a new job offer, a raise or a promotion. For others, it may be the sense that they finally have a roadmap and are heading in the right direction. Make the most of this energy.

Day Monthly Horoscope Taurus February - Horoscope - linshargmomadit.ga

You are as abundant as you want to be, Sagittarius. The Universe is supporting you in your mission to create a life that looks fulfilling both on the outside and the inside. What you need to do: continue to live in alignment with your higher purpose, and do the work you were sent here to do. Everything else will be taken care of on its own.

Look around you, Capricorn! You are surrounded by your best people.

ARIES (Mar. 21 – Apr. 20)

People who water you and love watching you grow. Things are especially blessed on the family front. Such a wonderful feeling to come back home to people who love you this much!

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  4. For some, this may also be a time of extending your hospitality towards loved ones and sharing the joy with others. Your body is your sacred vessel on the earthly realm. Have you been giving her the love and care she deserves? Your health is a priority, Aquarius. Consider this as your cue to make lifestyle changes that support your growth. Do you have a nagging feeling about a certain part of your body? Perhaps a chakra that could do with some balancing? We are at the start of what is going to be a rather long Mercury cycle.

    Mercury is the planet of the mind, of thinking and of speaking.

    This is an extra-long time because in fact Mercury will be retrograde in the sign of Pisces from March 5 to More on that as we get closer to the date. As they asked many moon ago, in that lovely old song. Your dreams and goals, what you wish for yourself and your goals — all of these are to be highlighted from today onwards for the next few weeks. Now is the time to think about your expectations.