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Points to ponder; 3.

Itthashal houses

More than one marriage; 5. Dosha Samya or balancing of malefic content; 6. Kuta agreement; 7. Detecting dowry dangers; 9. Watching out for loss of spouse; Practical examples of matching; Some questions answered. The Indian system of arranged marriages is fabulous when it works, an unimaginable disaster when it doesn't. This is an excellent book, with all the many details needed to make sound judgment, including chapters on avoiding the dowry trap not unknown with western marriages, just with a different name and premature widowhood.

The most fascinating to me is how one chart can be used to "correct" or balance unfavorable factors in the other, thus resulting in better marital relationships. Of course whatever is said about matching charts for marriage applies equally to finding a life companion of any sort. This is excellent synastry.

Motilal Banarsidass Publishers, pages. The first steps to understand charts; 2. Importance of Muhurtha; 3. Financial prospects Indu lagna, What makes one rich by birth? Owning your own house; 5. Progeny Principles of family planning, Your own child or adoption, When Jupiter ceases to help, Children - bane or blessing? Locating foreign travel; Comment : A series of essays, with astrological commentary.

Ramana Maharishi's death esperience - astrologically analyzed 4. Saddam Hussein - a study in paisacha yoga 5. Eclipses in astrology 6. Treating eclipses as transits - I 7. Treating eclipses as transits - II 8. The astrological dissection of a sniper killer 9. The yamaganda - yamakantaka conundrum Rasi or bhava? Sri Jayendra Saraswati's sanyasa yogas Astrological saga of a saint Tsunami prediction - an astrological model - I The author says that some of them were collected from The Astrological Magazine founded by B. Raman , it is probable that all of them are.

There is a brief, effective, summation at the start of each article.

Astrological Dictionary.doc

Examples: Chapter 2: Tenth House Saturn: 1. Saturn in the 10th raises one to great heights. Saturn in the 10th makes for blazing spirituality. Saturn in the 10th brings about abysmal fall in materialistic careers.

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The second chapter concerns the prearranged death of Swami Vivekananda, in Chapter 10, Rasi or Bhava, has this introductory summation: 1. Bhava positions can differ from rasi positions. A planet shifting in bhava chart retains the characteristics of its sign of occupation. I wish more books were summed up like this, it makes it easier to find what you're looking for. Simplifies the intricate art of chart delineation with illustrations of important personalities. Motilal Banarsidass, pages. Read the book? Want to tell the world? How many stars would you give this book?

Tell us! The Badhaka as a supplementary tool 2. Kendradhipati dosha - a selective affirmation 3. A critical examination of dustanaas 4. Enemies from the sixth house 5.

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Miscellaneous matters from dustahas 7. Combining different dasa systems - right or wrong? The fallacy of combining different dasa systems Judging Ayurdaya - some broad guidelines Judging Ayurdaya - more guidelines Not to me.

Kahara is defined as, the 22nd drekanna from the ascendant. Its ruler is the Kharesha pg.

Horary Vedic Astrology, Jyotish or Muhurta

The book occasionally quotes ancient texts in Hindu or Sanskrit, I regret it is not specified which. Sometimes these are translated immediately, but sometimes they are merely commented upon. This is not a serious flaw. This technique has been promoted by K. Rao , so I was curious what Vasudev would say.

In chapter 12, she says that Vimshottari dasa is to be used above all others, as all the others can only be used in limited circumstances. She also says that dasas are very complicated things that we will never really understand anyway.

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But trying to understand even one single Dasa in all its completeness and ramifications may take more than a lifetime. This seems churlish to me. Overall, a fine book. Branches of astrology; 2. Keys to the signs; 3. Keys to houses; 4. Keys to the planets; 5. Keys to planets in signs; 6. Aspects; 7. Question data; 9. How to ask questions; How to read aspects; Some exceptions; Timing events; Practical illustrations.

Comment : For the most part, this is western-based horary.