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Reply is really appreciated. Thanh you.

Regards, Parimala. Comment by Parimala May 24, Reply. Comment by Kiran June 3, Reply. I am suffering from gynec problems, past 9 years, Kindly request t,v9 to help me out regarding this,. Comment by nalini May 24, Reply. Can i get email id of U2 Channel. I wanted to send my profile as i am interested to wrk as an Anchor….

Comment by Sumanth May 27, Reply. May I know the phone number and address of Dr. Comment by Anilkumar May 30, Reply. I studied first ranks in medical… The following were the results 1. Those who got first ranks medical also did well in engineering ranks.

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Few of the candidates got in Medical ranks high below but their engineering ranks have gone more than and For eg.. I am sure that there has been malpractice done either by the invigilators or the CET cell members to enhance these students scores. If not they would not have had such low ranks in Enginnering where their ranks are more than 20 to and niether in their PUC they would have scored such low marks.

Will you be kindly lead a discussion on your channel and try to find out if my study is true and if then, why not those culprits be put to a task? Those students who did well are put at a disadvantage of either getting a government seat or a seat of their choice due to these kind of malpractice done by officials. Mind you these are going to be the doctors and students who does not have the calibre are forced to get in to this field and I am sure that what would be the condition of patients who takes tretament from these students..

Sir, please do initiate a action from your TV channel side. Thanking you Sincerely Amutha. Comment by sagamesh June 18, Reply. Comment by Asha June 28, Reply. Comment by pramila July 2, Reply. I have enchoring skil give any oportunity to prue my self….

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Comment by subrachmanya bhat July 11, Reply. Comment by satish M July 16, Reply.

saturn 10th house vedic astrology

Please give me hygriva slokas which swamyji narendra sharma guru had given because power was not there when he told that A and B slokas please please help out me. Comment by shobha July 20, Reply. Comment by bhavana September 24, Reply. Hi could u all pls give me the contact details for the advocate Malvika Avinash..

Pls do the need. Comment by Shilpa S July 26, Reply. Comment by pssridhara murthy April 8, Reply. Comment by Shruthi July 28, Reply. Comment by amar January 18, Reply. Sir Please send me the address of the temple which is shown by tv9, the programme heeguhunte, which is situated km from hosur road siddapura shiva temple, in that shiva temple there is five avtara of shiva which recover the wealth, health, pitz, …. That TV show may be shown in between december to febraury Pleases give me the address of that temple.

Comment by pranesh August 1, Reply.

astrology is so stupid - july 20 horoscope

Comment by vijayashree August 3, Reply. Comment by shobha August 6, Reply. Comment by veena August 6, Reply. Comment by ramesh August 25, Reply. Comment by Pushpa shimoga August 27, Reply. Comment by ravi dandeli August 29, Reply. Hi Iam manasa pls send address or phone number Of shri narendra babu sharma guruji of Bruhath Bramhanda of Zee kannada channel…… pls pls pls…. Comment by Manasa August 30, Reply. Comment by jayashre. This is latha anybody can help me out by giving contact No. Narendrababu Sharma, Astrologer. Comment by latha September 2, Reply.

If anyone knows the contact no.

Arulalan Meaning, Pronunciation and Origin

As I need to fix a appointment with guruji. The no. Kindly help me to get the no. Comment by Girija September 25, Reply. Comment by satyjit October 5, Reply. Comment by priyanka r October 7, Reply.

Dear Shailaja Madam, i am watching your ayushmaan bhava programme. Comment by asha October 8, Reply. Comment by vasanth October 12, Reply.

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Comment by Dhananjaya October 23, Reply. Santosh Ji ayurvedic doctor one who comes in ladies club pogramme…kindly do the needfull…. Comment by megha October 28, Reply. Comment by Amai Nayan December 29, Reply.

105th Raman Jayanti 2017 Part 2

Comment by amar January 18, Comment by sandesh October 29, Reply. Comment by gururaj November 16, Reply. Comment by kavitha November 16, Reply. Akul is the worst anchorer according to me…….. Comment by krupa November 17, Reply. Akul is such a loser…hes got all the bleady unwanted attitude…wannabe ranvijay…grow up akul, get a life. Comment by Dhaana August 18, Reply. Comment by bharath November 26, Reply. Comment by praveen singh rana November 27, Reply. Comment by pooja November 28, Reply. Comment by hanumanaik November 30, Reply. Kindly do the needful….

Comment by Archana December 4, Reply. Comment by Shilpa December 22, Can anybody please give me the contact details and phone no of Sri. Ravishankar Guruji- Astrologer. Comment by Rukmini December 11, Reply. Akul behaviour is too much strange with kaliputra team. Akul is not the right anchor to this show,if his behaviour goes like this the TV show will got plop.

Comment by priya December 13, Reply. Comment by Radha December 15, Reply. My email-epep gmail. Comment by Pradeep December 20, Reply. Comment by Shilpa December 22, Reply. Comment by kalingac b goud December 24, Reply. Comment by ramya January 13, Reply. Comment by Devi,B January 21, Reply. Comment by nagalakshmi January 25, Reply. Comment by srinivas February 9, Reply. Comment by manjunath February 12, Reply.