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Heart-centered Venus is lighting up your civic eleventh house until November 1, encouraging you to lend your talents to an important issue. What would you like to support, Cap: a gala charity event or maybe a food or book drive for children?

See Another Sign’s Career Horoscope

With your organizational skills, you could pull together the best and the brightest for a wildly successful event. Social media is at your disposal, so spread your gospel and generate a buzz. Your brilliance could go viral before the day is through.

As the moon and empathetic Neptune canoodle in your communication zone, no topic will feel too personal. If you have an issue with someone, deal with it directly and probably on another day. Looking for clarity?

Capricorn: About This Zodiac Sign

It will be hard to get a straight answer under these skies. Fair-weather friends are likely to be even less helpful than usual, thanks to a tense opposition between Venus in your social corner and disruptive Uranus in your dramatic fifth house. Stay calm and objective, and avoid the crazies. If you've been out six nights of seven every week yes, even if it WAS for work , take the night off from that whirlwind and check in with your family and closest friends.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

They may be in need of a status update or the kind of moral support only you can give. They might also be fuming about your recent neglect. Do the hard but necessary closure work so you can finally move on. This is poised to be one of your luckiest career years in over a decade, as expansive Jupiter sails through Libra and your tenth house of ambition, fame and leadership until October You could relocate for a plum opportunity, score a promotion or even reinvent your whole professional path.

Focus on enhancing your public image and positioning yourself as an expert or first-string choice in your field. Later this year a team project, perhaps involving technology, can help your big ideas go viral. With a new eclipse series sweeping through your financial sectors, there might be big changes and windfalls related to work, money and investments.

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Easy does it: With structured Saturn in your sleepy twelfth house, you need to take things slow and steady. This year may bring some heavy emotions or transitions, so working with a therapist or energy healer can keep you grounded through whatever comes up.

Capricorn: Capture Your Cosmic Power in 2019!

Finding time for your personal life can be challenging in , since work or a major responsibility consumes your energy. Avoid getting dragged into senseless conflict. From October on, your social life gets revived, as Jupiter starts a month visit to your friendship house, bringing an adventurous and inspiring cast of characters into your world. Never miss a star-powered moment again!

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